Allan Ta who started out in his career as a technology consultant is among the flock of Việt Kiều” which in recent years rediscovered their “motherland” as providing ample opportunities for entrepreneurship, business creation and educational ventures in an environment which is hungry for knowledge, growth and prosperity.

Leaving Canada’s financial centre Toronto behind for “greener pastures” in Vietnam, serial entrepreneur Allan’s newest venture as Head of Business Development for RightBTC, a Cryptocurrency Trading Platform which is seeking to attract new clients in the bustling and rising markets of South East Asia.

Q1: Hi Allan! For many people it might still sound like a weird choice to leave Canada behind in favour of Vietnam. Can you explain us your reasons why you chose Vietnam over the so-called “developed world” in Canada?

Allan: Canada is a great country for children, elderlies, and those who want to chase the “American Dream” to work 9 to 5 for someone else. Vietnam on the other hand, has a population of 95 million, and 65% of them under 35 years old. This is a thriving country with lots of young and hungry tech innovators. Vietnam is now known as the tech and startup hub in South East Asia and has the most potential for massive growth. Lastly, I was born in Vietnam, District 5, “China Town”, and here to support my root.

Q2: How did you get involved with cryptocurrencies and why do you believe in its potential to have an impact in the future?

Allan: I attended a Tech Summit hosted by the Federal Government in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, in 2016. The Blockchain session that I attended was full, the room was filled with people standing along the walls towards the doorway. The audience was engaged but noticed that many questions were not properly answered by the panel speakers. It’s because Blockchain s a very new technology. This peaked my interest and curiosity, spent the following 6 months and educated myself on this breakthrough technology. 1 year later, I left my traditional tech job and went all in on Blockchain.

Q3: The cryptocurrency industry in Vietnam has earned over the past couple of years a pretty bad reputation; being plagued by scams and all around bad behavior by a large part of the actors in the space. How do you plan to navigate the existing ecosystem without tarnishing your own reputation?

Allan: Vietnam was not the only place victimized by such scams, this was a global problem. This is why I believe Education is key. We plan to partner with Educational Institutions and Enterprises to educate them about blockchain and how it can help with their businesses.

Q4: While the overall “open-mindedness” towards new technology in Vietnam seems pretty high compared to more “conservative”, developed markets in the West – the lack of open source contributions by local Vietnamese developers to critical infrastructure to actual decentralized projects in the space certainly leaves a lot of room for improvement.

Do you have any plans to bring some more advanced knowledge and expertise to the developer community in order to put a part of the large developer potential in Vietnam on the right track?

Allan: This is exactly why I am here, to grow the community for two of our projects, RightBTC and Metaverse DNA. My plan is to build a team, spread awareness, then build a developers community. I want to help raise the bar on quality standards for Vietnamese, as well as, provide an opportunity to connect with international experts and from each other.

Q5: On the 12th of January you organized RightBTC’s first event on Vietnamese soil. Can you tell the readers more about what they can expect there?

Allan: The event kicked off with Eric Gu, Founder, and CEO of the Metaverse Foundation and RightBTC,, who introduced Metaverse Dualchain Network Architecture to attendees. DNA, a blockchain running parallel to Metaverse ETP, will incorporate industry-leading performance and speed while adding a range of features to facilitate a complete next-generation decentralized finance ecosystem.

These include on-chain digital identities called Avatars, where users retain full control over their data, and integrated lightning channels that take advantage of DNA’s decentralized structure to facilitate instantaneous transfers. Eric shared these features and more with those in attendance and laid out the vision behind DNA’s development. The event was a success, we reached to about 10,000 people on Facebook, 150 people attended and published press on the following Vietnamese media:

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