hướng dẫn sử dụng sàn giao dịch mua bán Bitcoin BitcoinVN

BitcoinVN is the first exchange in Vietnam. If you want to trade Bitcoin against VND safely, you can put your trust in this exchange.

What is BitcoinVN exchange?

BitcoinVN is one of the first start-up in the Crypto-exchange market in Vietnam. It was founded in late 2013, support Bitcoin trading via BitcoinVN website. I can say, this is one of the safe Exchanges that you can trade Bitcoin without any doubt of scammer.


  • Friendly UI, especially for Bitcoin newbie
  • Best support
  • OTC service (trade directly with sellers/buyers)
  • High liquidity
  • Support lots of Crypto coins
  • Low fee (0.2%)
  • Support lots of domestic bank

One of the pros of BitcoinVN exchange is trading Bitcoin without register/log in the exchange. This is the stand-out function compared to other Exchanges in Vietnam, avoid all kind of steps, quick action but still guarantee the customers’ security. However, you can only trade Bitcoin with a small volume this way. In case you want to trade more, BitcoinVN encourages you to register yourself for an account.

It is all the same about the steps to register, KYC, secure your account in every Exchange. Some of them will require you to some extra steps, but basically they are all the same to each other. In this article, we will guide you directly to the details of Bitcoin selling/buying – the core section which everyone is waiting for. It also applies to other coins.

Trading limit on Bitcoinvn.io:

  • Tier 0 – Fee rate: 0.2%

Without having an account with us, you can exchange max. 250,000 ₫ per order. We can only allow you one order per day. Sign up for a better experience and higher limits.

Instant Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • Tier 1 – Fee rate: 0.2%

Having an account without any kind of verification, you can exchange 20,000,000 ₫ per month and 5,000,000 ₫ per order.

  • Tier 2 – Fee rate: 0.2%

You can exchange 200,000,000 ₫ per month and 50,000,000 ₫ per order. Full name, passport / ID number and a document selfie are required.

  • Tier 3 – Fee rate: 0.2%

We have verified your proof of residence and your limits are 800,000,000 ₫ per month and 200,000,000 ₫ per order.

  • Tier 4 – fee rate: 0.1%

Mostly used by corporate partners and handpicked high volume users. No limits whatsoever and a lower fee rate.

Reference: Fundamental strategy of Crypto Investments

How to buy Bitcoin on BitcoinVN

First, visit this link

Step 1: Input your amount of Bitcoin, for example, you will use 100,000đ to buy Bitcoin

Step 2:  According to the Bitcoin price on BitcoinVN Exchange. You will receive 0.0004 BTC for 100,000đ

Step 3: Input your Bitcoin wallet. Note: the wallet address must be precise!

Buy Bitcoin on BitcoinVN
Buy Bitcoin on BitcoinVN

After that, Click Confirm and buy. Then you have to transfer the exact amount of money to the BitcoinVN provided bank account

Note when buying:

  • Transfer the exact amount, do not round-up the amount
  • Remember to copy the Order ID and transfer bill.
  • Remember to key in the Order ID in the transaction memo when doing the online transfer or at the bank counter.
Payment Guidance
Payment Guidance

Wait for a bit, When the system detects your money, it will immediately send you your bitcoin. This process will take a while depends on the banks

How to sell Bitcoin on BitcoinVN

First, visit this link

Step 1: input the amount of Bitcoin, for example, you want to sell 0.0008 Bitcoin

Step 2: According to the Bitcoin price on BitcoinVN, you will receive 101,775đ for 0.0008 Bitcoin

Step 3: Choose your payout type, BitcoinVN is now offered 3 types: Bank, Domestic ATM card,  and Cash to ID. Cash to ID is now allowed for Foreigners due to The new banking law since the middle of 2019. About those payout types, Bank is the best option, ATM card option usually encounters the wrong card number problem.

You only have to choose your bank, input your bank owner’s name. Note: all the information must be precise!

Sell Bitcoin guidance
Sell Bitcoin Guidance

Complete all those steps, then Confirm and sell

Then you have to get access to your Bitcoin wallet, send the exact Bitcoin amount you want to sell to BitcoinVN’s provided address. After that, BitcoinVN will continue sending you the money to your bank. This process will take a while, it depends on the banks. If you use the same bank system as BitcoinVN, the process will be much faster.

Note when selling:

  • Send the exact Bitcoin amount you want to sell
  • Remember to copy your Order ID

Top-up your account with VND to trade Bitcoin whenever you want

Then use this to buy, don’t need to wait in line in the bank:

Choose Menu User > VND > click “+”

Deposit VND feature on BitcoinVN
Deposit VND feature on BitcoinVN

Click “I understand. Let me deposit”. Then Click “Bank Deposit”

Deposit VND onto your account on BitcoinVN
Deposit VND onto your account on BitcoinVN

Then the Bank accounts will appear. You can choose one of two bank accounts to deposit the VND.

When your money arrives in BitcoinVN bank account. Your account will be deposited with VND then you can use it to trade Bitcoin at any time.

Deposit Guide on BitcoinVN 2
Deposit Guide on BitcoinVN 2

Notes when depositing money into your account:

  • You have to key in the Order ID “DEP-…” in your transaction memo when you transfer the money. Contact support asap when you forgot to do it
  • When you use your deposit money in your account, remember to get the OTP confirmation from your email to process your order. The rate will be locked and your order will be closed only after you confirm your order. Then Bitcoin will be sent to your wallet.
  • In case you forget to input your wallet, you can withdraw your Bitcoin, click the user menu, choose the coin you want to withdraw, click (-) and follow the instruction, input your wallet then withdraw it.

The benefits of trading Bitcoin on BitcoinVN

  • Affiliate program: you will receive 50% of the total fee of that transaction. You can also receive the commission fee when you introduce BitcoinVN to other traders. The Commission fee will be in VND and will be added to your account. There is no expiry for the commission fee. You can take a look here
  • Deposit/withdraw Bitcoin via BTMs (Bitcoin ATM) of BitcoinVN. You can take a look here.


Hopefully, this article will guide you through how to use BitcoinVN to trade. Especially for the new traders of Cryptocurrency Market. If you find this helpful, please share it to the others. Thank you and see you at our next articles!

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