BitcoinVN featured on BadCredit

In the past week Vietnam’s oldest Bitcoin Exchange service BitcoinVN got featured on Badcredit in a new article by Adam West for which he also interviewed BitcoinVN’s COO Dominik Weil.

“We launched around that time and built the first Bitcoin exchange in Vietnam,” said Dominik Weil, COO of BitcoinVN. “And after being around for six years now, the platform is trusted by the public. Today, there aren’t a lot of platforms and businesses in this industry, and we have been around since early on.”


Dominik Weil, COO of BitcoinVN.
Dominik Weil, COO of BitcoinVN.

“People don’t have much trust in the fiat currency, and they also may not have trust in the banks,” Weil said. “That’s a much different situation than you have in the West. In Vietnam, people who have money traditionally save it in gold or real estate. But Bitcoin’s a very new case, and it makes inherently more sense for them than for most people in the West.”

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